The Fragile Look

Carlos Skliar. ‘The Fragile Look: Lua Ribeira’s Aristocrats’ Essay for the book Aristocrats (to be published). Translation by Maitén Vargas and Jennifer Moule. 2019-2020. LA MIRADA FRÁGIL, A PROPÓSITO DE ARISTÓCRATAS DE LUA RIBEIRA

My Wounds are Fertile

Beatriz Quijano. ‘My Wounds are Fertile’ ‘Mis Heridas son Fertiles’ Hot hot hot magazine, Issue 2 special guest Lua Ribeira. SMAK PARIS September, 2019: p. 116-133

On loving a Marxist

-For me the people come out of the language -And for me the language comes out of the people
(My) Selected Fragments on John Berger and Susan Sontag To Tell A Story 1983 aired on Channel 4’s Voices, “about story telling, photography and ethics”