Exhibition Review. Lúa Ribeira, Subida al Cielo (Ascent into Heaven),
Mark Durden. 17.03.2023 Until 02.07.2023, Kutxa Kultur Artegunea

Donostia—San Sebastian, Spain.  Photography & Culture - March 2023

Conversation between Lúa Ribeira and curator Sonia Berger
Exhibition brochure: Sudiba al Cielo [Ascent into Heaven]  
Kutxa Fundazioa. Kutxa Kultur Artegunea. San Sebastián 17.03.2023

Jean-Baptiste Del Amo ‘La Meute’ 2021
Text for the series Los Afortunados

Carlos Skliar. ‘The Fragile Look: On Lua Ribeira’s Subida al Cielo
(Ascent into Heaven) . Translation by Maitén Vargas and Jennifer Moule. 

Beatriz Quijano. ‘My Wounds are Fertile’
(Mis Heridas son Fértiles) 

Lúa Ribeira Selected Fragment on John Berger and Susan Sontag To Tell A Story 1983
- Channel 4’s Voices, “About Storytelling, Photography and Ethics