︎︎︎ Return

Commissioned through the Jerwood / Photoworks Award in 2017, the series was made in Bristol (U.K) with the intention of trying to address the homelessness crisis taking place in the city.

In order to break through the drastic separation between passers-by and those that didn't have a home  at the time, I decided to photograph within the city parks, where urban pace breaks down and allows for different kinds of encounters to take place. The series, which incorporates people organically, aims to create a mythological atmosphere, of universal character, in which some portraits allude to visions, angels, guardians or Eden gardens; all lying in contraposition to the gravity of the body and its inevitable perishability.

In the process of making the series, I shared experiences and moments of certain intensity that didn't translate into images in that given moment. I started to experiment by creating images inspired by those memories. The result is the coexistence of two types of portraits in the series which somehow represent two dimensions: one that belongs to the most mundane reality, in which one suffers, thinks, looks and dreams; and another related to the object of those thoughts or dreams, the imagination, mythology and its creatures, the dimension that alleviates, soothes and scares (masks, visions). Both languages come together and mix until they cease to be distinguished.