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Since 2016, in my hometown in Galicia, I work periodically with Montse, Laura, Camila, Susi L., Susi P., Angelica, Mercedes, Concha, Celia, Margarita, Maria, Julia, Eva, Sandra, Emma, Pili C., Pili B., Dolores, Marta, Begoña, Ana I., Nuria y Vicky, all residents and workers of a congregation that hosts women classified as disable.

The suspension of judgement is therefore, in these times of rapid information-opinion and the imposition of ways of looking through an absolute vision of the whole, the most decisive and crucial rebellion. By no means this implies abandoning the power of opinion, but rather the need to refresh it in accordance with the experiences of otherness; that is to say: to continually submit our own judgement—and no longer doubt the existence of others, the other beings—to the ways of feeling and thinking about the shared life that we all lead and the world we inhabit together, with its presences and absences.

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